Our Story

On a particularly high-spirited night at a restaurant in Stockholm, among good friends and family, AMIK Studio went from being an idea to an actual possibility.
The table cloths at the somewhat hipsteresque restaurant was made out of brown protective paper and after a second bottle of red wine the plates were cleared, pens handed out, and the first business plan for Amik Studio was written down right then and there.
The name AMIK was a no brainer. Champagne was ordered, and AMIK Studio was born. Founder Amelie Klingspor was handed the former table cloth – now an invaluable first draft of her dream – and went about into the night.
Since then the table cloth has been replaced, but the core of the company is still the same. What started as a frustration with the lack of choices when it came to formal dressing with a twist, ended up being her main focus. With a passion for high end, well-tailored and sustainable fashion, Amelie Klingspor wanted to change the way we think when we hear the term eveningwear.




Amelie in her studio in Florence.